2024-05-22 【(Expo) 【「Vivatech 2024」(France)】5/22-26

(Expo) 【「Vivatech 2024(France)5/22-26

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一、2023 StartupBlink全球生態圈評比法國躍升世界第8


(二)2023法國新創排名大躍進 巴黎擠下特拉維夫竄至世界第8名

二、馬克宏鎖定「深科技」 巴黎成為歐盟新創重鎮

(一)法國祭銀彈投入深科技 時尚之都變成科技城市

(二)法國「深科技」領軍 巴黎成獨角獸孕育地




France, known as the "Land of Romance", has risen to the 8th place in the world in the StartupBlink Global New Venture Ecosystem Report in just 2 years, and Paris, the fashion capital, has even secured its position as the 1st city in the European Union. The key behind this is not only the creation of a system and subsidies conducive to the development of new ventures, but also, more importantly, the targeting of the "deep-tech" field and the investment of large amounts of resources in new ventures, which has turned Paris into a unique unicorn city, and also the most dazzling tech city in the European Union. This has transformed Paris into a unique unicorn city and the brightest tech city in the European Union.

I.2023 StartupBlink Global Ecosystem Rating: France ranks 8th in the world.
(A) StartupBlink's three major orientations
(B) France's New Innovation Ranking in 2023: Paris pushes out Tel Aviv to 8th place in the world
Macron is focusing on "deep tech" and Paris is becoming the EU's new innovation center.
(A) France invests in deep tech, turning fashion capital into tech city.
(B) France's "Deep Tech" Leader Paris Becomes a Breeding Ground for Unicorns
The Stone of Another Mountain Can Attack Your Mistake: Borrowing France's Experience to Add Momentum to Taiwan's New Innovations